Foreclosures and other distressed asset types are a great opportunity to save when purchasing a home.

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Rent to Own Basics

Also known as a Lease Option Purchase, understand the details of a Rent To Own home as a smart buyer.

What is an "As Is" home for sale?

What does "as-is" really mean? To simply put it, when a buyer lists their property as “as-is” they are selling it in its current condition. This property could be listed...

Pros and Cons of buying a Foreclosure

Foreclosure occurs when a borrower defaults on his loan obligation and the lender takes legal action to take possession of the property. Approximately 10% of all home sales are foreclosures,...

What is a property Tax Lien?

Just as mortgage companies place liens against a property to perfect their claims for unpaid mortgage payments, municipalities can perfect their claims by filing tax liens for unpaid taxes. The...

What is a Rent to Own home?

Rent to own a home, offers a path to home ownership and provides a streamlined way to purchase a home today even though you’re not ready to do a traditional...

Buying a Foreclosure home? Get the Foreclosure Checklist

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