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What is a condo?

A Condo, is a common short form of “Condominium”, is an individually owned property unit that is in a complex or building made up of multiple property units and multiple floors or levels. A condo owner exclusively owns the space inside their unit and also owns shares in the collective ownership and management of the entire structure like walls, roof, stairwells, elevators, recreation facilities, special amenities and all common areas including the land of the building or complex.

Where can I find a good deal on condominiums near me?

Finding a good deal on a Condo or Condominium often involves driving around certain locations near you or using real estate websites, like foreclosure.com, that list out potential deals in your area. Remember, finding a good deal involves a little work, research, and sometimes creative approaches to locate properties. Additionally, always conduct due diligence, inspections, and consult with real estate professionals or advisors before making any purchase decisions.

Are condos a good investment?

Foreclosure condos can be great investments an owner occupied or as a rental, with appreciation being the greatest attraction to the investment, due to the higher equity potential as a distressed property. But remember, investing in condominiums as rentals depends on various factors, including the local market conditions, property management, financial planning, and long- term investment goals. Research and professional advice can help in making investment decisions.

What type of financing is available for condos?

Financing options range from conventional, FHA, VA and HUD mortgages and qualifying for them will vary based on credit history, income, property and market conditions. Be sure to work with a local mortgage lender for more personalized options with financing for a condo purchase.

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